Leasing or Hiring A Car

Belfast Car Leasing Guide for 2019

Leasing a car is of course a more sensible option when you need a car for a longer period of time.

Here are some of the key things for you to bear in mind when leasing a car:


How much of a deposit will the broker be asking for? Of course, a lot of this will have to do with the particular model and specification of car that you wish to lease, but it is a very important consideration. For example with some vehicles there will be little to no deposit, whereas with others the deposit will be significant and may run to several thousand pounds.


The length of time that you are agreeing to lease the car for is extremely important, and generally the longer that you agree to lease the car for, then the more favourable that the terms become.


The monthly payment will be influenced by a number of things including how much you’re prepared to pay as a deposit, as well as any final payment, and the duration of the lease. The other factor that people can overlook is how diligent that you will be in shopping around, including bargaining and negotiating with the car leasing broker.

The downside of leasing a car is that once you decide not to own a car, then you will always be in the position of having a monthly leasing payment. On the more positive side you will always have a nice, new car waiting for you outside your front door, but it is as important to be aware of the negatives as the positives.

The above car leasing guide has been contributed by Select Vehicle Leasing. The UK’s favourite car & van leasing company.