See the Country, Rent a Car

Northern Ireland Car Hire Tips

Having the freedom to travel around the beautiful countryside of Northern Ireland, on your clock without the need to catch buses and trains, can be a really freeing experience, and is one we recommend to all visitors to Northern Ireland.

Heres our top tips for when you hire a car with Belfast Car Hire –

Tip 1 – get Sat Nav in the car that you hire whenever possible.  Finding new places serendipitously can be cool, but when you’re looking for your accomodation late at night, you’ll be glad you opted for Sat Nav, and if you really want to be brave, you can turn it off during the day.

Tip 2 – always go for the extra insurance surcharge to cover the excess in the event of an accident.  Its a small price to pay if anything were to happen, and it removes any stress from you when driving around new and unfamiliar places, which is the last thing you want when you’re on holiday.

Tip 3 – take your time, relax and get to your destination safe and sound.