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Key Considerations When Hiring A Car

A lot can be said about renting car hire, especially with the regards to having a stellar cost-effective experience. Nonetheless, we will try to outline the most important aspects of car rentals and thereby provide you with the knowledge that you need while renting a car.

#1. It Is Always Better/Cheaper To Make Reservations Before Hand –

Unlike many other services of products, hiring a car is best done by first making a reservation on the car hire company’s website. It has been noted that making a reservation over the phone is slightly more expensive while walking to the counter of the car hire company results in significantly higher rates.

#2. Insist On Full Disclosure On Matters Of Cost –

It Important to ensure that all the costs you are expected to incur are written in the lease/rental agreement. Some of the typical costs that you can expect to incur while hiring a car include road taxes, vehicle licensing fee, and sales and special purpose taxes (such as Value Added Tax). However, to keep cost low, try as much as possible to hire a car hire company that offers unlimited mileage.

#3. Consider Matters Insurance –

While driving a hired car, you need to be comprehensively protected. This is to mean that you should be covered for collision, theft, damage, personal liability, and medical care for all travellers. For starters, you should go through your insurance cover and determine whether it covers cases of car hire. This is to ensure that you do spend some extra cash for insurance cover while your current cover sufficiently does that.

Thereafter, if you are covered you need to consider the limitations of your current cover. Again, to ensure that you are properly covered, you should discuss with you insurance provider the extent to which you are covered. If your existing policy does not offer sufficient coverage, you should opt for one of the different policy options offered by the rental company.