SEO Strategies For Local Belfast Businesses In 2019

Are you looking for more information about effective SEO for local businesses strategies in 2019? If so, keep reading to learn about some of the key trends that are happening in the search engine industry and for tips on how to ensure your search optimisation skills are up-to-date.

When it comes to SEO, it can be easy to get confused as there is so much information out there. Trying to focus on too many different approaches and techniques can make it hard to track progress in your skills. Perhaps one of the most important pieces of advice for those looking to improve their skills this year is to focus on a few key areas instead of incorporating dozens of new techniques into your core SEO campaigns at once.

Mobile optimisation is going to remain a very crucial ranking factor in 2019. In fact, websites that are not mobile-friendly can even be invisible in desktop search results due to the introduction of Google mobile-first indexing policy last year. Mobile optimisation is not only essential for SERP rankings; it’s also vital to the user experience of your website. Over 50% of internet users access the web via a mobile device the majority of the time. So, if your site is not yet optimised for mobile browsers, you are sure to be losing lots of potential customers to your competitors. A poor website user experience makes people doubt the professionalism of the rest of your business operations.

Search Engine Optimisation for Belfast

Website security is also going to remain an important Google ranking factor going forward. There really is no excuse for not investing in a professional web hosting provider for your online business when cybercrimes are rampant. When choosing a web host, you also need to look at uptime and server speed. Google is going to keep penalising websites that have slow loading pages.

Searcher intent is an area of the search industry that SEO professionals really need to get to grips with this year. Google is working on AI to determine the intent of keywords in the shortest possible time and using the intent to customise dynamic search results. Any good long-term SEO strategy needs to focus on keyword intent research. You really need to ensure the content of your website is optimised for searcher intent so that you can reduce bounce rates. This means you need to understand how your target audience is likely to be using online search engines.

One core SEO strategy that will ensure prolonged success is to create content for humans first, and optimise it for search engines. Many online businesses make the mistake of over optimising the content on their websites for search engine crawling bots and end up seeing falling visitor conversion rates. You always need to be writing for human readers if you want to convert organic traffic from SERP into sales.

Local (geo-targeted) search results are likely to become an even bigger part of the online search world as time passes. This means businesses need to start optimising their website content for location-based keywords. Local companies also need to make sure that they have a detailed Google My Business profile linked to Google Maps to ensure they show up in geo-targeted results. A great thing about local SEO strategies is that you can see often see fast results as there is less competition. See the guide at the Belfast SEO Agency.

One very effective way to start getting better rankings on SERPs is to begin tracking and analysing what your competitors are doing. Remember, SEO work is not just about increasing your website’s SERP positions; you also need to work to maintain those positions once achieved.